Crossfade Lab is an event series that presents intimate conversations about art, identity, and social justice with some of the most thought-provoking Latinx and Latin American artists of our time. 

Since 2016, Crossfade Lab has presented the work of artists who crossfade –that is, artists who find the unexpected points of connection in our world and who animate political and cultural ideas in new and public ways.

Crossfade Lab takes its name from a DJing technique of crossing and merging two music tracks into one new “mixed” track. It uses the crossfade as a metaphor for a kind of social thinking that celebrates in-betweenness and mixing without erasing.

“Crossfading is not just about music but a new kind of social thinking and social action. Crossfading is about listening to the borders, the edges; crossfading is about refusing the myth that any of us are single inputs, refusing to believe the myth of closure.” 

–Josh Kun

Crossfade Lab is hosted by 2016 MacArthur Fellow and cultural writer Josh Kun

Curators: Josh Kun, Alana Hernandez, and Julio César Morales. 
Partners: Presented by CALA Alliance in collaboration with ASU Art Museum
Support: Generous support is provided by the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation