CALA Alliance Announces the return of Crossfade LAB with Teresita Fernández and San Cha

Phoenix, AZ / July 6, 2021

CALA Alliance (Celebración Artística de las Américas) will host Crossfade LAB on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Initially postponed due to the health crisis brought on by COVID-19, CALA is pleased to announce the return of Crossfade LAB with its ninth installment. The series processes a thought-provoking night featuring conversations, art experiences, and unexpected collaborations with internationally renowned Indigenous, Latinx, and artists from Latin America.

At the bottom of a DJ mixing console, there is a horizontal slider known as the crossfader. By toggling it left and right, you can carefully move between the music on one input channel and the music on the other without entirely fading out either. Crossfade Lab uses the crossfade as a metaphor for a kind of social thinking that celebrates in-betweenness and mixing without erasing. “Crossfading is not just about music but a new kind of social thinking and social action,” explained co-curator and moderator Josh Kun. “Crossfading is about listening to the borders, the edges; crossfading is about refusing the myth that any of us are single inputs, refusing to believe the myth of closure.”

Named the 2019 Best of Phoenix: Best Art Conversation, Crossfade LAB returns on November 17, 2021, at Herberger Theater. This iteration features a special meeting between celebrated visual artist and MacArthur fellow Teresita Fernández and rising music and performance star San Cha. Moderated by author and Crossfade LAB co-curator Kun, the evening will experiment, agitate, and shimmer, blending installations and sculptures with cumbias and telenovelas—a mix of sound and image that will take you across geographies of the Americas, from Cuba to Jalisco, the Bay Area to Miami, New York to LA.

Since 2016, CALA has presented several Crossfade LAB events to sold-out audiences.  Every event features a cross-disciplinary conversation, performance, and onstage collaboration between two artists working in the performing, visual, media, and literary arts. Crossfade LAB consistently features great crossfaders—artists looking for points of connection and intersection between different art forms, cultures, communities, and ways of being in the world. Since its inception, Crossfade LAB has featured the work of some of the most important Latinx and Latin American artists of our time, including visual artists Tania Candiani (Mexico City), rafa esparza (Los Angeles), and Carolina Caycedo (Colombia-Los Angeles); literary artists Natalie Diaz (Arizona Mojave; 2018 McArthur Fellow and 2021 Pulitzer Prize winner), Daniel Alarcón (Peruvian American), and Rita Indiana (Dominican Republic); performance artists Nao Bustamante (Los Angeles) and Radio Healer (Arizona); and musicians Julieta Venegas (Tijuana; Grammy Award winner), Carla Morrison (Tecate/Mexico City; Grammy Award winner), Helado Negro (Ecuador-NYC), Lido Pimienta (Colombia-Toronto), Javiera Mena (Chile), and Calexico (Arizona).

“After a long year of not being able to gather in person, we are so pleased to host Crossfade LAB this year with two stellar artists in a hybrid fashion,” said co-curator Alana Hernandez. “I am looking forward to offering the event in-person at the Herberger Theater. However, as we have seen over the past year, we are committed to building community virtually as well. For the first time, Crossfade LAB will also be live-streamed, allowing us to traverse physical, linguistic, and auditory barriers for a more accessible experience.”

Tickets will be sold online through Herberger Theater in the coming weeks. For more information, please visit

Crossfade LAB is organized by CALA Alliance in collaboration with ASU Art Museum and Herberger Theater. Crossfade LAB is made possible with support from the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation. This program is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.