Phoenix, AZ / June 8, 2021

CALA Alliance is pleased to announce the relaunch of Residencias Artísticas, CALA’s signature artist residency program.  CALA is now seeking applications for the annual Open Call Regional resident. The residency is open to Latinx-identified artists who have lived in Arizona for at least one year at the time of application. Applications are accepted until July 31, 2021.

The CALA Regional Artist Open Call is our primary resource for identifying artists who are interested in and eligible for participation in CALA’s residency program. All Arizona resident artists who meet the eligibility requirements will be reviewed by CALA staff and guest curators. Artists are encouraged to apply early as deadlines are firm and will not be changed. Artists will be given an honorarium of $4,000 and a materials stipend of $4,000.

CALA’s residency program fosters Latinx artistic talent in the United States, providing artists with unparalleled resources that enable them to realize innovative, ambitious new work.

CALA organizes two residencies per year. Each residency cycle includes one regional, Arizona-based Latinx artist found through our yearly open call and one national Latinx artist by invitation only. The residency program aims to strengthen the cultural relevancy of U.S. Latinx art. A CALA residency includes an honorarium, a materials stipend, and studio space. In addition, each resident has access to technical and administrative support from the CALA team.

The mission of CALA’s residency program is to provide Latinx artists with unparalleled resources and support that allow them to experiment with new ideas and take provocative risks. During their residency period, artists-in-residence are prompted to develop original, research-driven, innovative work. While in residence, artists are also encouraged to share and develop their ideas with the local community and are invited to be part of public programs and community engagements.

About CALA Alliance

CALA Alliance (Celebración Artística de las Américas) is a multidisciplinary Latinx arts organization based in Phoenix that collaborates with artists and arts organizations to connect Arizona, Mexico, and Latin America. We advance our mission through innovative public programming, artist commissions, international residencies, and cultural exchanges that reimagine Arizona’s place in the Americas. CALA envisions a cultural landscape that values the creative and artistic contributions of Latinxs and latinoamericanxs, and critically engages their stories in Arizona and throughout the Americas.